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  1. Damn just wrote a long reply, and then accidentially closed the window.

    Will hopefully write again soon telling you my story.
    I am from Germany, and it’s almost funny how this shit is universally valid.

    I heard you lost your job and are demonetized.

    If I can help you with a small (and I mean small) donation let me know, and let’s put some food into your fridge over the weekend.

    I hope you don’t lose focus, youtube is all fine and dandy for personal belly scratching and navel gazing, but will it pay the bills?!?
    It’s b etter to stand on two legs. I personally stand on at least 4, and still feel vulnerable. (Investments, real estate, questionable/semi-legal investments which don’t show up on any tax declaration, and 2 independent jobs)
    If that doesn’t keep me afloat, then I don’t know what else will…

    Just wrote you a more detailed report on what I had to endure for the last 7 months after my GF of almost 10 years left me, but it’s all gone.

    Dude, it’s a picture perfect example of what NOT to do. Girl my age (mid to late forties, we even almoist shared the same birthday) with two daughters from two different dads, and she left her ex hubby for me (he was no dad btw). 10 years together, then she left me (beta simp millionaire, but she didn’t know) for some alpha wedding singer/corporate party singer/old peoples home entertainer, since he’s obviously more alpha. Shitloads of status. Unfortunately lacking in money?!

    I aplologize, I didn’Ä’t buy her the mobile home she deserved. I’m such a pig, I rather investwed every buck into the stock market. Which, btw, is up almost 30% for the last 6 months.>WHich I guess makes me an idiot.
    YOLO etc.

    I’,m obvioulsy so terrbile she had to leave me.
    Good riddance cunt,

  2. Please don’t make my recent comment public.
    Maybe we can make a case study which you can convert into a 15 minute video?

    I promise: GF turned F60.30/31 on ICD10 over the turn of 9 years.
    Two stepdaughers, one officially diagnosed borderline in severalk mental institutions, the other one put into foster home due to stealing, drugs, violent behavior and whoring around. Slipped from higher education into the lowest form of high school (different school systems here). Pregnant at age 17 and 19. By two different fathers.
    Me losing it ONCE, bitchslapping the almost preggo daughter ONCE, when she totally lost it. W´hich turned me into a pariah.
    She officially said I was totally in the right, she overreacted/freaked out and was a bad person, and I tried to save her. >Proven again and gain, both by my actions and my monetary investment. I’m still the asshole, and she paid me back my making her mother leave me.
    Dude you won’t bvelieve this story.


    I guess I was a total beta blue pill simmp, but then again I didn’t make every mistake possible. >The oitcome was still horrible.
    I am now PTSD, fighting with the booze, but hopefully I’ll recover. Lost 20lbs sice she left, I can feel the sixpack under my belly, and with a little determination I might be able to make it appear thi summer.

    1. I won’t make any public. I just came for the first time to comments at this site since it still under contruction. I will read your story and perhaps to a video on it. I think it would perhaps help you to do a coaching call. Lot going on with you..

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