If you need help with red pill/MGTOW issues with relationships, “thirst,” divorce and more, click HERE.

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  1. Gregory, as a divorced fellow Catholic child free woman, who chose to leave a toxic situation and remain single, to this day, your videos resonate well, from men’s perspective, through women’s actions. I am proud to remain single and have the right to proclaim that I am fully strong and independent, and may desire a man, but do not really need one. I have been vilified mostly by coveted, coupled women by remaining alone, for doing the right thing. I had lost best female friends through matrimony, even those well over 50 years old. Are there videos of men who marry quickly, and living in Lost Angeles, men who date plump to severely obese women? This is an obvious trend. I keep fit and avoid Hypertension and early Diabetes. (Beta Simps, Soiboys) My city is a paradox of overdosed self help with depravity in a liberal urban cesspool. Good work. WGTOW, Los Angeles.

    1. I’m sorry Catherine. The site is under construction and haven’t seen the comments until today. It is good to see a fellow catholic and thank you so much for supporting my videos. Since you are WGTOW, I would love to live stream with you. We could cover your face if you like.
      I don’t know about that SoCal phenomenon. Maybe Greg Adams has commented on it since he lives there. I would be odd b/c it goes against so much intersexual dynamics.

  2. Greg, I don’t use social media so attempting to contact you here. I volunteered to do a livestream during Meera’s failed attempt. Your channel could benefit from assisting men with the financial side of life. I retired at age 46, own several rental properties and act as a mentor to local young men. I’m an Air Force vet, have an Aeronautical degree, and worked in Silicon Valley, retired in 2012, current age 53.

    510-541-4539 cell

    Topics I can speak to are:
    1. How to retire early
    2. How to find and recruit mentors
    3. The power of mentors
    4. Acquiring income producing properties
    5. Staying on your path
    6. How to manage your career like a mercenary.

    Email and phone are contact options.

    1. Hey brother, sorry for late contact. Site is still under construction and just saw this. Did we talk on the phone last week? You live in Co and Tx?

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