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How To Purge The Relationship Thirst Today!

4.8/5 rating on Udemy! We have been wired since youth to believe that we can ONLY be happy when we have a woman in our life. This inculcation has benefitted government, Hollywood, businesses, and of course, women. This “Relationship Thirst” is an utter lie and leads so many men to financial & emotional destruction. This course is designed to exorcise this nonsensical idea from your head so you may be liberated to pursue your life on YOUR terms, not theirs. Buy Now!

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How To Detect & Extricate Yourself From Cluster B Personality Disorder Whack-Jobs

Crazy women are pervasive. In this course, we give you tools to identify the stalkers, the ragers, the gas-lighters, the narcs, those who will have no qualms destroying your life with one phone call. And how to escape them with negligible harm. Buy Now!

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$ 29.99

The 31 Red Flags Anyone Foolish Enough To Date Long Term or Marry MUST KNOW!

Course for ALL men who don’t live a MGTOW monk lifestyle. We break down the physical, emotional, financial, and familial red flags to better arm you in your venture to find “the perfect lady.” Buy Now!

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$ 29.99
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How To Attract A Somewhat Virtuous, Low-Risk, Short Term Relationship

PUA time! This course is for those wanting to find a woman for a STR. We look at the Paleolithic wiring of what women want, how you can optimize your chances of getting this women by appealing to this wiring. We later discuss how you approach her, read her non-verbal cues, and most importantly, how to keep her. It isn’t what you think. Buy now!

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How To Lose Over 100 lbs. & Keep It Off For 3 Decades Like I Did

Weight Loss Is Hard. Weight Management Is Even Harder. But I Did It & So Can You. I Will Give You The Tools & Tricks I Have Used To Keep My Weight Off. Begin the road to weight loss today with me serving as your guru. Buy Now!

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20 Steps You Must Do To Recover From Divorce Rape

This course is specifically designed for recently-divorced men or men who still haven’t moved on from a difficult one. We focus on 20 things you must do to be fully resilient and successfully during those dark weeks after the move-out where you are hemorrhaging money and have lost access to your kids. You will get through this. Trust me…This course might be a life-saver.

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Gregory, Red Pill Coach, Podcaster, Youtuber & Speaker

I’M Gregory!

"Freedom Is Better Than Need'Em!"  

Welcome to my website.  While in its nascent form, I hope it is an easy and convenient way to access my services & products.  My courses (aside from Purge The Relationship Thirst) will only be accessible here.

I am a former overweight child/adolescent, a man who suffered from "divorce rape" and came out with a keen perspective on intersexual dynamics that I hope you find helpful.  Each day I work on my own psychological, financial, emotional, and physical health to actualize my own self-potential.  Join me on this trip!

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What HIS Clients Say

Greg has helped me tremendously, with a brutal divorce that I'm going through. He has helped me realize allot of red flags that I was blinded to in my relationship, and now knowing what I know agree 100% it's time let go of my toxic ex and move on to save myself. Thanks Greg! Your the man!
Gregory was very helpful. He knows a lot about life and about relationships. He is patient, a good listener, and gives valuable advice. I sought help form him mostly for help with dating and relationships, and legal issues. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting help with any aspect of life.
Gregory listened attentively and helped me honestly evaluate and assess the relationship issues I have been dealing with for far too long. I had some hard decisions to make and Gregory helped me to see how my indecisiveness was only adding to the pain I was in. After allowing me all the time I needed to fully explain my issues, Gregory offered me some amazing insights as well as solid action steps I could take to resolve my relationship issues once and for all.
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Business Analyst
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