I’M Gregory Luna!

About Me

Gregory Luna, Red Pill Coach, Podcaster, Youtuber & Speaker

I’M Gregory Luna!

"Freedom Is Better Than Need'Em!"  

Welcome to my website.  While in its nascent form, I hope it is an easy and convenient way to access my services & products.  Soon, I will offer courses and subscriptions to help you “Purge The Thirst” and optimize the MGTOW life you deserve.

I am a former overweight child/adolescent, a man who suffered from “divorce rape” and came out with a keen perspective on intersexual dynamics that I hope you find helpful.  Each day I work on my own psychological, financial, emotional, and physical health to actualize my own self-potential.  Join me on this trip!

What HIS Clients Say

Greg has helped me tremendously, with a brutal divorce that I'm going through. He has helped me realize allot of red flags that I was blinded to in my relationship, and now knowing what I know agree 100% it's time let go of my toxic ex and move on to save myself. Thanks Greg! Your the man!
Gregory was very helpful. He knows a lot about life and about relationships. He is patient, a good listener, and gives valuable advice. I sought help form him mostly for help with dating and relationships, and legal issues. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting help with any aspect of life.
Gregory listened attentively and helped me honestly evaluate and assess the relationship issues I have been dealing with for far too long. I had some hard decisions to make and Gregory helped me to see how my indecisiveness was only adding to the pain I was in. After allowing me all the time I needed to fully explain my issues, Gregory offered me some amazing insights as well as solid action steps I could take to resolve my relationship issues once and for all.
Robert Welch
Business Analyst