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$15.99 If you are in need of weight loss, this is the course for you.  I discuss the numerous bio hacks that I have used to lose and keep off my weight since 1991.

How many people do you know have lost this much weight and have kept it off this long?  No one.  Only 5% of people who lose 50 pounds or more keep it off for more than 3 years.  I have a track record of success. Trust me, this course will help you in your pursuit of bettering your physical health.  


Course Description

As many of you know I was an obese child & adolescent.  I chronicle my experiences in my podcast “Confessions of an Obese Child” (available on Apple, Soundcloud, & my website (www.naturopathicearth).  I was at my apex 280 lbs. at age 15 with a size 54 waist.

With hard work, some luck, and the grace of God I lost the weight and have successfully kept it off for almost 30 years!  I have learned a lot during that time not just about weight loss and management but most importantly about myself and the demons I had to purge to get a to a healthy relationship with food and my body.  I want to share those tips and others with you.  For those of you who want something more palpable you can purchase the book “Revelations of a Weight Loss Warrior” available on Amazon Kindle or paperback.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Which diet/lifestyle is the most optimal for weight loss and long-term management.
  • Why obesity is such an epidemic in this country.
  • The additives they put in our foods that are obese causing (and cancer-causing).
  • The absolute wonderful biohack that is intermittent fasting (been doing it daily for 5 years).
  • The usefulness of the ketogenic diet.

But more important than these is you must look deep within yourself.

  • What are the childhood demons which caused me to seek out food to numb the pain and comfort me in the first place?
  • How to identify your binge eating triggers and neutralize them.
  • How to counteract self-loathing and negativistic thinking.

(It certainly can’t hurt plus it is the price of a nice meal at a restaurant.  I think you should put your money where it will be better served.)