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$29.99 This course is specifically designed for those who are NOT MGTOW monks.  For those who want to hazard their livelihood and embark on a short-term or even long-term relationship.  If you truly know you must interact with women for the sex, you MUST purchase this course.  It will protect you by giving you the necessary knowledge.

Course Description

In this 3 hour course, we look at red flags.  We look at a lot of different types of red flags.  Red flags are commonly overlooked when you f*ck a woman too early on in the relationship.  You become blind to her many, many liabilities and past mistakes, which YOU know run the risk of inheriting.  Don’t be a fool!  Be a monk, but if you must date this course will help you discern her inherent ethics and virtue. (Do they have any?)

Key concepts covered include:

We break down the course by sections of different red flags.

  • Physical Red Flags (things concerning your physical appearance)
  • Financial Red Flags
  • Past Relationship Red Flags
  • Societal & Family Red Flags
  • Emotional & Psychological Red Flags (perhaps the most important ones)

At the end we posit the question “How many of these 30 red flags makes her ineligible to date/marry?”  I would tell you 1, since being a monk is the most prudent way to live your life, but ultimately it is your choice as it is your life you are risking.

If you are dating or are “one wink away from the Plantation” by this course now!  It will serve as an amulet & guide.