Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Red Pill is a term taken from “The Matrix.”  Here it is seen as a way of waking up to the true intersexual dynamics between man & woman. To understand true female nature, good & bad, and better tailor your actions to approach it.  It also deals with opening your eyes to the court system, divorce statistics, et al that are all stacked up against the man to destroy him should he sign “The Contract.”

MGTOW is an acronym for “Men Going Their Own Way.”  In essence, it means men opting out of marriage and pursuing their own excellence.  This is done by optimizing their true potential by working on their financial, psychological, and physical health without the entanglements of woman.  A man living his live on HIS own terms.

No, not at all.  MGTOW is about men, nothing about women.  MGTOW men don’t hate women, they dislike the court system, radical feminism, cultural Marxism, and other factors that have destroyed traditional marriage & caused strife between the sexes. Moreover, it is about men working on themselves to better their life on all levels.

Blue pill men are those who have not woken up. Who still feel compelled to marry despite the inherent risks involved.  Purple pill men intellectually know the truth behind the arguments of red pill, but still haven’t developed the mettle to implement it.  They are torn between two worlds.